I have seen The Maze Runner yesterday. And before the beginning of the film I had been like wow it would be strange to see Dylan like this, to see Stiles like this, on the big screen and everything.

But during the film I was like wow, this guy Thomas is sort of inspiring and amazing. by the way I think I saw him already somewhe- wait. shit.

So accurate, I can’t even

"Rape culture is telling girls and women to be careful about what you wear, how you wear it, how you carry yourself, where you walk, when you walk there, with whom you walk, whom you trust, what you do, where you do it, with whom you do it, what you drink, how much you drink, whether you make eye contact, if you’re alone, if you’re with a stranger, if you’re in a group, if you’re in a group of strangers, if it’s dark, if the area is unfamiliar, if you’re carrying something, how you carry it, what kind of shoes you’re wearing in case you have to run, what kind of purse you carry, what jewelry you wear, what time it is, what street it is, what environment it is, how many people you sleep with, what kind of people you sleep with, who your friends are, to whom you give your number, who’s around when the delivery guy comes, to get an apartment where you can see who’s at the door before they can see you, to check before you open the door to the delivery guy, to own a dog or a dog-sound-making machine, to get a roommate, to take self-defense, to always be alert always pay attention always watch your back always be aware of your surroundings and never let your guard down for a moment lets you be sexually assaulted and if you are and didn’t follow all the rules it’s your fault."



thirteen year old ashol pan is part of a nascent movement of girls who are keeping alive the six thousand year old kazakh tradition of golden eagle hunting known as berkutchy.

though long the monopoly of boys — once deemed uniquely strong enough to carry a full grown eagle on their arms and endure harsh winter hunts — fewer are now learning the skill, abandoning their traditional semi nomadic ways for life in the cities.

berkutchy is a life long profession, and is often a hereditary one. but ashol’s brother left for the military, leaving her father, an experienced eagle hunter, to ask if she would take his place and assume training.

asher svidensky — who took these photos during a four month trek in the mountains of western mongolia’s bayan ulgii (or “rich cradle”) province, where only 250 hunters remain — told the bbc that where most boys are at first apprehensive around their eagles, ashol was very much at ease.

ashol, though still in school, will spend much of her time nurturing her eagle, imprinting herself on the fiercely independent bird from birth. after much time and training, her eagle — who is considered a member of the family — will learn to track down rabbits, foxes and wolves, whose furs are needed for the harsh winters.

Also the cuteness here: image


Mahabat Makbara, Junagadh, Junagadh District, Gujarat, India.



Mahabat Makbara, Junagadh, Junagadh District, Gujarat, India.



Yatagan Sword

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Culture: Ottoman
  • Measurements: overall length 75 cm

The sword features the typical, slightly curved, single-edged blade, this particular one having a double rear groove, blued at the first part, with a round, gold cartouche featuring inscriptions in Arabic on a side, and decorations with inscriptions, in gold, on the other. The gilt copper hilt is decorated with filigree and large cabochon corals and glasses. The walrus ivory grip scales with large ears, while the wooden scabbard comes with leather covering and simple iron mounts.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Czerny’s International Auction House S.R.L.


Mean while in Doma, Syria.. 

Creating master pieces from instruments of death 


Mean while in Doma, Syria.. 

Creating master pieces from instruments of death 


Wazir Khan Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan. The mosque was built in 1634-1635 A.D and is located in the Inner City of Lahore, Pakistan.

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I really love the meta you and the others of the metagroup write! It makes re-watching the episodes so much more entertaining (even though I suddenly see numbers everywhere...) So, I don't know if any of you noticed this, but when the Stilinskis arrive at the loft and Derek turns around, the functioning lightbulbs look like music notes on a sheet (at least to me). And since the (supposedly) romantic scenes often have music, I wonder if this is some sort of parallel and the music is muted because
A reply from athenadark

 And since the (supposedly) romantic scenes often have music, I wonder if this is some parallel and the music is muted because Stiles in denial and/or Derek is maybe probably notDerek?


ooh, we didn’t notice that at all

i wonder if it does play music, but it’s entirely possible it does, and something tells me it won’t be ode to joy


Although it’s a far fetched idea of music in the bulbs I though I would give it a look and bash out what notes I see on the piano, I mean we’ve had weirder and more far fetched things in canon so why not? (I never thought being a diploma standard pianist would work its way into Teen Wolf but here we are)

I’ve just taken a good look at a few of the gifs and screencaps of that scene to get the best idea of what the notes might be. Looking at it as best as I can there are a few ways it could be if it were music.

One way it could be is if it were a graphic score which uses shapes and their relative heights to represent notes and how long they’re played for. Going with this and playing some notes out on my piano based on the heights gave something interesting. If we take the lowest of the lights as the tonic (first note) of any given scale and the next one as the dominant (5th note) it produces an interesting motif that sounds almost lyrical. What I got with using the key of C is C G C G C^ D^ E G C G E B (C^ and D^ just mean that note an octave above the starting C) which sounds very lyrical, I would say almost romantic, but ends on the B. Musically this is ending on what’s called the leading note of the scale, which is the final note before the first note, called the tonic, is repeated an octave above the start. The leading note should always resolve to the tonic before the song ends if it is a nice piece of music. Ending on the leading note without the tonic resolution leaves the piece sounding mysterious, unfinished as if there is more to it. Sounds a bit like sterek, no?

The other way of looking at is it seeing each row of bulbs as a different note in the chromatic scale (all notes, naturals and accidentals so the black and white keys on a piano). If we take it like this you get, again in the key of C, C Eb C Eb F F# D Eb C Eb D F. This sounds less harmonious but is still more or less in C minor key and sounds very ominous and a little mysterious. Now a minor key is often used to represent sadness or anxiety in a piece of music. Looking at it this way it could be said that it is a reference to the current state of the gang, uneasy and anxious. It would make sense seeing as they just found out the Scott and Kira have been taken. With shipper goggles on it could also represent sterek in how they are not quite there yet, still have a way to go and it just isn’t matching up for them yet. The former is more likely if this interpretation of the bulb notes is taken, but I think that the other one is simply because the other way of thinking of it as a graphic score sounds more musical and fits directly to the scale of C major rather than skimming the edges so to speak of C minor like the interval based view.

Either way there are links to sterek in the interpretation of the music as well as tension and unresolved somethings. No matter how odd it seems, the notes line up too perfectly, from a musical sense, for it to seem co-incidental so it might have some relevance. There are other ways to interpret it beside this, music can always be interpreted a number of ways, and I might be a little skewed by sterek because I ship it so much, but it seems to add up.

It’s all vey speculative, but it does seem a little too co-incidental. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but if it is a thing you’re quite right athenadark that it’s definitely not ode to joy. Whatever way you look at it there is some way of it being a little bit anxious or unresolved.

And for your listening pleasure (or further meta) the two short motifs I could work out from the bulbs:

Bulbs as graphic score (more romantic and unresolved - More likely interpretation in my opinion)

Bulbs as chromatic intervals (more mysterious and anxious)

(links open to soundcloud)


hogwarts portraits! 

i did these to get the hang of my new tablet. it was fun! i might do beauxbatons derek and some other characters at some point.

p.s. i also like slytherin for lydia.

Good news bad news best news


The good news:


 I found my favorite old jacket while sorting through my old stuff

The bad news:imageThe last time I wore it I was nine years old

The best news:


I am the anime now

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Hello! I am sorry if somebody have already asked it, but do you think that Stiles was so confident the Eichen House will keep him safe and keep him from hurting others as he /felt/ that there is the prison there. Becouse I think he was really sure up to the moment when he was locked in the wrong plase, tge same building, but not the one that can contain him? Also Ms Morell, do you think she works at the prison? And that is why she was there? Sorry for my English and all this rambling :)
A reply from calicokat-teenwolf


In terms of Eichen House I thought and still kinda think that the reason he locked himself up there was because Claudia asked to be locked up there after some kind of incident, possibly one where she hurt Stiles or someone else. A case of ‘history repeating’.

I think definitely the door ‘no one’ can open goes into the supernatural isolation level and now that you mention it, yes. Notice that the second Stiles finds that door he forgets all about trying to get out of Eichen House and his single goal becomes to get into the ‘basement’.

When he does get into a basement with Malia he finds a lot of papers of trepanation and Rhys’ body but not what was behind that door.

And what’s behind that door? Dr. Valeck, that’s what. I’m suddenly unsure if Stiles was sensing something out or Dr. Valeck was calling him in.



A Promise to the Dead:


We find these eyes elsewhere, like Sean’s bathroom in “Muted”, I think? I haven’t gone back and rooted them out.


Morrell! She’s as missing as Danny this season and I’ve missed her but I’m not sure whether or not — like Danny — she’s really ‘missing’ so much as some kind of scheduling conflicts with the actor. (We’ve seen #6, Danny, on the field and at the party in “Perishable”, Danny is there but not Keahu. QQ.)

I think this is related:

We’ve got the ongoing story of Dr. Fenrir. He used to work at Beacon Hills’ Memorial and checked out Jackson’s neck in “Wolf’s Bane” and diagnosed him with aconite poisoning. Between S1 and S2 in the "Search For A Cure" mini-series he was confronted by Scott and Stiles, they acquired his knowledge of werewolves and, specifically, the Hales, and Scott showed him werewolves were a real thing.

Move forward to this season. Suddenly he’s working at Eichen House (understandable once he was initiated into the certainty werewolves are real), where Morrell also works at least part time. Pretty sure he’s also the voice on the tape left in Kate’s car, which may be from one of his many online lectures back when he was trying to convince the world at large of the supernatural (“Search For A Cure”).

I bring this up because I think, yes, Dr. Fenrir and Morrell are in this case potentially interchangeable in terms of who fills the role in the Eichen House scenes based on availability. I don’t love to make guesses based on stuff I can’t evidence within the show, but based on the characters’ histories that’s the sense I get?

So, yes, I think Morrell works there primarily because of the ‘secret’ floor.

Thank you for the answer!
Could you please link me to the meta about Claudia being locked there as well? It seems like I missed it.
Anyway thanks again!